Image by Charles Deluvio

Stag Do Midget Hire
Rent a Dwarf for
Your Stag Do

One of the latest crazes to sweep the Stag and Boys Night Out scene is Dwarf hire and Midget rental. Handcuff the Stag to one of our dwarfs to add an extra dimension of fun to your night out!

Cheeky Events have just added a number of dwarfs to our books in London and nationwide. So that you can now enjoy the wind-up of seeing the Stag or birthday boy wander around bars and clubs with his new friend in tow.

Properly referred to as ‘little people’ (the word ‘midget’ is usually considered offensive). Our dwarfs are good natured, fun and happy people, ready to oblige your ‘big’ idea! You can have them dress up in a specific costume, or just normal street clothes. However, please remember our dwarfs are people too. Therefore they must be treated with respect and dignity throughout the evening. You will also be expected to cover any travel expenses, entry tickets and food/drink costs while your dwarf is a part of your group or party.


Dwarf and Midget hire – From £100 p/hr (min 3 hr booking)
+ any travelling expenses whilst with the group

Areas Covered

Our sexy golf caddies are available nationwide, including: London, Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Gloucester, Plymouth, Swindon, Bournemouth, Brighton, Guildford, Kent, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Portsmouth, Reading, Southampton, Cambridge, Essex, Ipswich, Luton, Norwich, Birmingham, Coventry, Stoke, Derby, Leicester, Nottingham, Lancashire, Liverpool, Manchester, Bradford, Hull, Leeds, Sheffield, Surrey, York, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Sunderland, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Cardiff, Swansea, Belfast, Cork, Dublin.