Image by Ruvim Noga

El Shish Dolls

Make money when we provide Glamorous Male and Female Models, FREE OF CHARGE, to sell our eShish cigarettes at your corporate events, clubs, bars and special occasions anywhere in the UK. So how does it work?

Average earning potential of £100-£200 per night (minimum)

We provide glam staff that sell eShish electronic cigarettes. Still ‘The worlds first portable electronic shisha smoking range’. Fully disposable, ZERO NICOTINE and ZERO TAR, this is unlike any other product on the market. You have heard the buzz, now it’s time to experience the FLAVOUR and VAPOUR for yourself!

As stocked in Harrods of Knightsbridge, Selfridges and many other leading UK establishments, eShish has taken shisha smoking to a whole new level, where the intense flavours and big puffy clouds of smoke can be enjoyed, legally, ANYWHERE IN THE UK!!! Also, without the 4000 toxins present in tobacco, it means cigarette and shisha smokers can even use this as something altogether healthier to use.

Double Your Earnings with
Tequila Girls!

Our El Shish girls can also double as Tequila Girls, selling Tequila shots alongside the eShish Cigarettes. This is a great way to maximise your revenue aswell as providing a great extra service for your clientele.

eShisha Prices

These amazing eShisha sticks can be bought as a single 500-puff stick in any of five flavours, or a mixed variety pack of five, 300-puff sticks. Our Glam staff sell these Shisha Electronic devices between £10-£20 depending on the client and/or the event. We also sell eShisha cigars for the men, from £40, where you can earn 20% of the total takings.

So why not make money and glam up your event with our gorgeous male and female model? Contact us today for more info.