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Hire a Female Caddy for Your Round of Golf

Cheeky Caddies | Golf Girl | Cheeky Events

Cheeky Events now offer this great new service. Hire a gorgeous and cheeky Caddie Girl for your round of golf. Ideal for corporate events, stag do’s or any other occasion that you find yourself on the golf course and in need of a beautiful Caddy Girl!

We can’t guarantee these girls will actually help your game, but they do have a fundamental knowledge of the game – although they may unintentionally distract you with their amazing looks and great bodies!! But rest assured they will follow all the golf etiquette and laws of the game and ensure you have a Caddy that not only looks great but will be the envy of your opponents (and may even cause your opponent a distraction so he’s put off his/her game because they can’t stop looking at your caddy and getting green with envy!)

We have a number of trained caddy girls, so you can book several or just one, depending on your requirements. For a comprehensive, no obligation quote please call or contact us today and let us help you have one of your favourite rounds of golf, even if it’s not your best round!

Caddy Knowledge

  • Basic golf terminology

  • Clubs and their different uses

  • Golf etiquette including; where to stand and when, acceptable behaviour, dress code and when not to talk etc.

  • Basic awareness of yardages

  • Course and buggy safety

If you have any specific rules or laws that are unique to your group or event, please ensure your Cheeky Caddy Girl is fully briefed before play begins.

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Cheeky Caddy Girl Hire – From £50 p/hr + Green Fees (if required)

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