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Dwarf Stripper Hire

Hire a dwarf stripper for your Hen party or girls' night out!

We are one of a small number of agencies that can offer this service, and we have the best little people in the business. This fun and very outgoing men make a novel break from the normal stripogram that you see on hen nights, which will make your party stand out from the rest! Be different and book one of our great little guys today.

Your stripper will come dressed in the outfit of your choice, or you can even provide one for him (if it’s a deviation from the normal midget strippergram type outfits, we may not have it) and perform a very amusing 20-minute striptease performance that will have you laughing and giggling so hard, you will never forget the occasion and perhaps, more importantly, won’t upset your fiance quite so much when he hears you had a stripper!

Your little person stripper will then stay for photos after his show so you and your mates can capture some of the fun of the night forever!

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Other Dwarf Services

  • Singogram - Our little people can do singing telegrams and bring out cakes or presents for birthdays and anniversaries!~

  • Black Tie Waiter - have a dwarf meet and greet or perform waitering service dressed in black-tie.

  • Shopping Assistant - enjoy a day out shopping with your little person in tow! Great for fashion advice and bag carrying!

  • Kids Entertainments - Our dwarfs make great kids entertainers when dressed as famous little people from the movies (Ooompa Loompas, Munchkins, Snow White's Dwarfs etc)!

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