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Cocktail Making Classes 

We now offer an immensely fun (and educational!) cocktail making course, available in London, Birmingham, Brighton, Bournemouth, Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and nationwide. This course is very popular with hen parties, corporate and social events and small gatherings for birthdays. Our cocktail making courses generally last for 2 hours with various activities involved. We will come to your venue and set up our bar for your event rather than asking you to come to a certain location. Event organiser this is very popular as you can stay in your own home, or even a hotel room with their permission!

Our cocktail courses include:

  • An introductory cocktail made by our mixologists for each member of the group.

  • A tutorial by our mixologists on how to make the cocktails including techniques with the equipment.

  • Our mixologists will create a couple of the favourite cocktails to show the group how to make them and also try them (these are passed around for the group to drink).

  • The mixologists will assist the group in creating their cocktails. These can be their favourite cocktail or their own flavours. Each guest will make around 2-3 cocktails each during this session.

  • We will split the group into teams to have a competition on who can create the best cocktail using the ingredients available. The mixologists will guide each group for the ingredients and techniques for the cocktails. Our mixologists will then judge the cocktails at the end to decide the winning team. The winners will receive special cocktail shots made by the mixologists. The losing team will receive a cocktail shot which doesn’t taste as nice!!

Image by Olena Sergienko
Image by Pylyp Sukhenko

The cocktail course is great fun and a great way to drink your favourite cocktails. After the course, you will have the know-how to recreate your drinks in the future (if you can remember the next day that is!).

For our cocktail making courses we provide the following:

  • 2 mixologists.

  • Bar structures and bar tables.

  • All alcohol and mixers needed.

  • Cocktail making equipment.

  • Sundries (napkins, straws, stirrers etc).

  • Cocktail glass decorations (fruit, umbrellas).

  • And all glassware.

Full Cocktail Bar Service

Perhaps you are just looking for a cocktail bar at your party or event and would prefer our mixologists to create the cocktails for you and your guests? Well, we also offer a full cocktail bar service. This means we supply everything that is needed for the bar (including the drinks!). Plus our staff will create the cocktails for you and your guests enjoyment. This means you don’t have to worry about a thing! The cocktail making and bar service can really add an extra level of sophistication to your party!

The full Cocktail Bar Service includes the following:

  • Our 1.5m bar structure.

  • 1 or 2 qualified mixologists.

  • All alcohol and mixers needed.

  • Glassware or disposable glasses dependant on the requirements.

  • Cocktail making equipment such as shakers, strainers, muddlers and pourers.

  • Sundries such as napkins, straws and stirrers.

  • Plus all cocktail glass decorations such as fruit.

This is our complete cocktail bar service which means we will supply everything for the event. There are no other costs involved. The prices to the right include all the above, staffing costs and staff travel costs and are a fully inclusive price per person (inc VAT) based on 15+ people.

Course Costs: Cocktail Making Course or Bar Service

Course costs depend on your location and the number of persons present. The prices shown below are per person (inc VAT) for a group of 15+ persons.

  • London – £35

  • Birmingham - £40

  • Brighton – £40

  • Bournemouth – £40

  • Bristol – £40

  • Bath – £40

  • Cardiff – £45

  • Edinburgh – £60

  • Liverpool – £50

  • Manchester – £50

  • Suffolk - £45

  • Surrey – £35

Please contact us for the prices for smaller or larger groups (discounts available on groups of 23+), or in areas not shown here.

Image by Alexandra Golovac
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