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Hire Grid Girls for Your Event or Party

Professional Grid Girls London | Pit Girls | Cheeky Events

Cheeky Events supply the best looking, most professional Grid Girls – also know as Pit Girls, Paddock Girls and Umbrella Girls – available! No racing or sporting event is complete without these gorgeous beauties walking around promoting your product or event.

Grid Girls, Paddock Girls, Pit Girls or Umbrella Girls have been used in motorsport for many years now. Event organiser are a great way to advertise your sponsor or promote your product. They get the name Umbrella Girls because they are often seen around the actual racing drivers, holding umbrellas to keep either the rain or hot sun from the drivers or riders. Normally very scantily dressed in skin-tight outfits. They can be seen in the Pits (or Paddock), or on the starting Grid, hence their other names.


Our stunning Grid Girls are £160 per day, per girl, but discounts are available on larger bookings.

So if you need beautiful Grid Girls for your event, please contact us today.

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